Friday, September 29, 2017

What Do You Grind, O Ye Maidens?

What do you grind, O ye maidens?
Sandalwood, henna and spice.

~ Sarojini Naidu

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Right Wind

When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind.

~ Seneca

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Day Begins To Break

The day begins to break, and night is fled,
Whose pitchy mantle over-veil'd the earth.

~ William Shakespeare

Friday, September 22, 2017

If They But Taste Of Chocolate

'Twill make old women young and fresh,
Create new motions of the flesh,
And cause them long for you know what,
If they but taste of Chocolate.

~ Antonio Colmenero de Ledesma

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Wish I Was What I Have Been

I wish I was what I have been
And what I was could be
As when I roved in shadows green
And loved my willow tree.

~ John Clare

Her Thoughts Are Like The Lotus

Her thoughts are like the lotus
Abloom by sacred streams
Beneath the temple arches
Where Quiet sits and dreams.

~ Sara Teasdale

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Day Is New And Fair

The day is new and fair with good smells in the air.

~ Amy Lowell